I have been busy busy busy
getting the framing caught up from a
fantastic framing year!
We get to see some of the most beautiful pieces.
You guys are amazing!
I want to share with you a couple that just went out last week.
Each completely stitched all over one.  I hope you can tell the size of these by this picture!
So impresive!
I had some close ups for you but….they wanted to come in sideways!
I have been working on the problem for days.  
Rather than continue with the frustration I have decided to send out the post without them.  
We are on an automatic order for the new 
Little House Needlework
Farmhouse Christmas 
Number one will be shipped out tomorrow…
If you would like to be on an automatic list for these just let us know.
I can hardly wait!
The newest Nora Corbett designs
Miss Goss Swallowtail  
pattern $13.50  bead pack $12.50
Miss Columbian Nymphalid
pattern $13.50  bead pack $13.00
New and colorful
 9 x 13 zippered project packs
 $4.69 each
Newest Lizzie Kate releases 

 Winter Smalls
pattern includes 4 designs, 2 tiny buttons and beads $12.50

The Things That We Love
boxer kit
includes main designs, bonus design, beads and linen fabric $18.00
I ran across this photo in my camera roll.
This is pretty much what I looked like over the Christmas holiday.
I wasn’t sick, but everyone around me was!
I was visiting mom in the hospital when this picture was taken.
Joy, Betsy and Peggy were all hit with the bug too.