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American Dream EZ Stitch Scroll Rods

We carry the full line of American Dream EZ Stitch scroll rods.  Using a scroll set will keep your work tight and the finished product beautiful.

These rods are solid oak that is nice and smooth with Velcro or a Nylon Tape that you attach your fabric onto.

You have the choice when ordering -

rods  that come with either a nylon tape to stitch your fabric onto


rods with a velcro strip that will attach to your fabric when you apply the hook take to the edge of your fabric.

10"    $10.59

12"    $11.59

14"    12.59

16"    $14.19

18"    $15.19  (heavy duty)

20"    $16.99

22"    $18.29

24"    19.36

special order only

26"    $24.99 (heavy duty)

30"    $33.99 (heavy duty)





from $10.59