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American Dream EZ Stitch Velcro

We carry the  American Dream EZ stitch velcro for your fabric or the Velcro for your rods.  The roll is 3 yards in length. The rod Velcro comes in handy if you would like to change your rods with sew on tape into a Velcro rod or just to have the option of using either method.

The fabric Velcro is designed to only be used once and it is a good idea to cut it from your fabric before framing.  It is very stitch and you run the risk of tearing a delicate fabric if you pull it free.

Just a tip:  I like to have ample fabric on the scroll ends to roll my Velcro on so that I don't run the chance of getting to close to my stitchery.  Better yet, apply a strip of scrap fabric or muslin to the ends of your fabric and attach your Velcro to that!  The Velcro holds nice and taught and is your work is easily removable for storage so that you can use your bars to work on more than one piece at a time.

American Dream EZ Stitch Velcro for fabric -  3 yards -  $11.69

American Dream EZ Stitch Velcro for scroll rod -  3 yards -  $10.69


from $10.69