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How about….
Assorted Drawn Thread Patterns
on Sale!
 Red Lace Sewing Case pattern  $5.00
 CiCi’s Sewing Casket pattern $10.50
 Hope Scissor Tag pattern $3.50
 Imagine Scissor Tag pattern $3.50
 The Menagerie pattern $8.00
 Summer Arbor kit $12.00
includes silk thread and beads
 Three Friends pattern $10.00
 Box of Stitches pattern $14.00
Too Tiny Samplers pattern $4.00

If you have thought about working this 
beautiful sampler
Sampler of Stitches
We have in stock
We are going to sell each pattern pack for the especially low price of
$5.00 each
The other patterns you will need are still available for $12.00 each
This great price, on the inventory we have in stock, will get you started on this beautiful heirloom.

The pattern prices listed above are of course limited to stock on hand…

so hurry in with your list!

We are stitching so many new models that I have run out of room and hooks to hang them.

We need to find some of the older models a new home.
 Secret Garden by Hinzeit
(stitched on 28 count evenweave)
 professionally framed without glass and double specialty mats.
This piece would look wonderful at your house.
Bee Keepers Cottage by Shepherd’s Bush
(many specialty stitches worked on linen)
 professionally framed with regular glass and triple matting
selling for $50.00
Dandy Dreams by Silver Creek Samplers
(stitched on 40 count linen)
professionally framed with regular glass single mat and white washed frame
 a steal at $40.00
Of course we loved each of these designs and enjoyed having them on display at the shop.
We would love to see them be enjoyed even longer by someone who appreciates the work.
We are offering these prices to pick up customers only.
We will not be shipping these models.
Guess what we have in stock….
This project is always a joint effort, but Carolyn devotes a lot of patience and time to these. 
 We have dozens of them in stock.
If you haven’t used them before,
they are a great way to keep your stitchery clean on the rolled edges of your scroll bar set.
We can’t keep them in stock!
Come in and pick your favorite design while the picking is good!

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We got to meet
 Nora Lynn’s new
 therapy kangaroo
this week,
Scooby Roo

He was adorable.
See…you never know what you might see when you are here!
Connie came in to pick up her framing today and was moved to tears.
She is so sweet, this was really touching.
Her work is beautiful and it was an honor to frame for her.
Lori didn’t waste any time in stitching
Sew Sisters by Plum Street.
She personalized it with the addition of her stitching friends initials and real pins in the cushions.
It finished up so cute Lori!
 Helma stitched Hare Hunt by Plum Street up in a hurry. 
 She is letting us display it here at the shop.  
You will have to come in and see how cute this is in person. 
 Her frame choice is perfect!
Sue finished the new La D Da titled Cherry Pickers and picked out the perfect frame. 
 It compliments the basket perfectly.  
I love seeing these cute designs stitched up!
 I stitched a model for the shop that I wanted to show off.
This is a With Thy Needle and Thread design called Patriotic Poppies,
with a few changes…
I of course switched up some colors and add the wooden flower button by The Bee Company.
Come in for your pattern and we will include the changes made.
And at home……   I am working on block kits like a crazy person!
The shelves will soon be filled again!
I have a fun new Frankenstein coming out soon.
I will post a picture as soon as he is complete.

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We love
Rosewood Manor Designs
so much so that I think we are hoarding a lot of their inventory!
I am cleaning book racks and I have decided to part with part of our vast collection.
We are going to sell a few of their titles in our inventory at
1/2 Price
 A Tree By Itself 
 now: $8.50
 Berkshire Bee Hives
now $7.50
 Black Lace Sampler
now: $6.00
 English Tapestry Sewing Box
now: $6.50
 Family Reunion
now: $14.00
 Flowers Awake
now: $7.50
 Garden of Eden
now: $7.50
 Good in Everything
now: $8.50
 Good Night
now: $6.00
 Hearts of the Kingdom
now: $7.50
 Just Peachy
now: $7.00
 Keys to the Kingdom
now: $6.50
now: $5.50
 Quaker Compass
now: $7.00
 Welcome Topiary
now: $4.75
 Two Bees & ABC’s
now; $5.00
 Welcome to my Garden
now: $6.50
Willowbrook Pathways
now: $5.00
We carry many other books in their line and will continue to do so.  
This is just a way of thing out the inventory…

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May has been a VERY busy month around here.

Joy was having problems with her back and went in for minor back surgery. 
 She is doing well and relaxing at home.  
We should see her back at the shop in June.
The wonderful girls at the shop filled in while Todd and I went to Wisconsin for Taylor’s Graduation.
“Is there a doctor in the house?”
“Why, yes, there is!”
We couldn’t be more proud!
A few new things in….
Drawn Thread has added:
Spring Welcome
to the welcome series.
Already released:

I’m sure Summer Welcome will be released soon
each cost is $10.00
Nora Corbett
These came IN AND OUT while I was gone
We are getting ready to place another order.
Call and get your name on the list
 Bleeding heart $13.50
bead pack $8.00
Foxglove $13.50
bead pack $12.00
Are you ready to start for the holiday yet?
We have the new
 Mill Hill Kits 
 each kit comes with perforated paper, pattern, beads and thread.
cost is $16.50 each kit
Snow Globe cost is $14.00
Royal Games
pattern cost is $15.50
beads $18.00

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We have a few
Carriage House Samplings Designs
that we are going to sell for
1/2 Price

The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow  sale $16  

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow sale $18

The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow sale $18

Spring at Hawk Run Hollow sale $16

Map of Hawk Run Hollow sale $12.50
This sale is limited to stock on hand only
We are also making room for new models
many models for sale at wonderful prices

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