This is an antique doily stitched by the owners great grandmother. It is framed on a very rich plum colored velvet and I have hand sewn down the entire doily. It was a labor of love.

I couldn’t get a good picture without a glare.

This is a plaque that we placed on the bottom of the frame to date the handwork.
Beth finished Long Dogs Quakers Dozen in a beautiful variegated blue silk
We framed Don’s Eggs All Around by Glendon Place. I wish you could see this in person. It is sparkling with beads and filaments.
This is Circle of Friends by Mirabilia. This was stitched by a soldier while in Iraq. The signature lists the name, date and word Iraq.
Rose of Sharon by Mirabilia is another impressive piece. So large…The framing is gorgeous, with a velvet finish matting and the perfect shades to bring out the needlework.
This is Master & the Macabre by Cross Eyed Cricket. It has so many symbolism’s from the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. It has been a favorite here at the shop. I think that we found the perfect mats for this piece. We will have this on display, you should come in and see it in person!

We are all dog lover here and so is Lori Latey who stitched this Lizzie Kate piece.
Well, that is just a few of the pieced we framed this week. Isn’t it fun to see them all done up?