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Hello everyone!
we hope this finds everyone healthy and stitching like crazy!
We are open for walk in customers and we are also happy to do drive through orders.
This has been wild! Even though our doors were closed to the public I had a fun time filling phone orders and making sure that everyone had the supplies they needed to stitch.
Thank you all so very much for the continued support through this crazy time.
Our days and hours at the shop will be
Tuesday – Saturday
10 – 5
While I had some free time I set the Craft Center up with an
Instagram account
I will be posting the new patterns, framed designs and shop info on our new
Instagram account
I am having a hard time with this blog format and posting pictures from my phone.  I know that if I were 20 years younger this would be much easier for me, but I am going to give in and admit that this blog has me feeling defeated!
I will occasionally pop on here and update but I think that you might enjoy following the news and pictures on Instagram.
Christmas framing deadline
October 6ish…
….let me explain….
I’m going to be a grandma again
around and about October 11th
You are still welcome to bring in framing after that date and I will do my best to get it finished in a timely manor, but this will depend on the number of orders in before yours.
Stitch like crazy and bring it in as soon as possible (before October 6th)  to make sure that you will get it back in time for the holiday.
Now… go take a look at our instagram