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Easy Grid Fabric

This 25 count Lugana should make stitching over one designs a breeze.
This fabric has a grid every 10 threads and will help you keep on track with your design.  No need to remove the grid markings if you are covering every thread, but if not, the manufacturer has these instructions for removal:

52% Cotton, 48% Rayon 
To remove the grid from your easy guide fabric: Upon finishing your project, you will want to soak your piece in a bath of 90 degree water with a gentle cleaner such as Oxyclean. Soak your project for about an hour and the lines will be gone.

Fabric is $57.00 a yard or 5 cents a square inch
Plum Street Samplers
coming soon….I hope….
Once I see the new releases, they just can’t get here fast enough!
These are going to be great selling patterns.
If you would like to be on the pre-order list for when they arrive
just call the shop and we will put you down.
They are ordered and on their way!

Sheep Heap
Goat Load
Snort Stack

Each pattern retails for $10.00

Country Cottage Needleworks
has a new series
  There will be a total of 7 designs
that will be released monthly.
…Such sweet patterns…
We are up to design # 2
Forest Banner $6.00
Forest Deer $6.00
Sign up at the shop if you want to be on automatic
Farmhouse Christmas Series
Little House Needleworks
…We are up to part 4…
 Little Red Barn
 Horsin Around
 Grandpa’s Pick Up
Dairy Darling

These are adorable as individual pillows or ornaments, 
but if you are on 
and search
you can find some very clever stitchers with wonderful finishing ideas!

Sign up at the shop if you want to be on automatic

…Just released…

Nora Corbett
Butterfly Misses Collection
 Miss Aurora Morpho
pattern $13.50
bead pack $11.00
Miss Black Swallowtail
pattern $13.50
bead pack $17.00
Each stitched on white 32 count linen
they have not yet arrived in the shop.
Call if you would like your name on the list.