Monthly Archives: April 2015

 When we pulled in at work today…
Guess what someone had left us!
 Complete with supplies!
It feels so good that someone would think of us.
 Look at the size of this needlepoint!
 And this much of the work was already stitched –
 in petit point!
This was a labor of love for someone with great ambition.
Now the challenge is that each customer must put in 20 stitches with every visit and maybe we will be in business long enough to finish the work.
Just kidding!
Thank you to a nice stranger for making our day!

Two more months in chalk

$5.00 each
I found a great web site about finishing.
If you are doing yours like the photo on the cover,
 you might want to take a look at the link below.

A year in chalk finishing technique
You know this next design is on my to do list.
Country Cottage Needleworks
Afternoon in Paris
Pattern cost $8.00
The new Mirabilia is in

Pattern $15.50
Bead pack $7.00
Stitched on White Chocolate 32 count linen
using 7 different waterlily threads
also in stock!
 Oh if only I had a little girl – I love these!

Such cheerful stitchery!
each pattern cost is $13
Sue Hillis has a way with words
How about these for a smile:

Back in stock:

The ever popular
Praiseworthy Stitches

Going to Grandma’s  $14.00

Dancing in the Moonlight  $12.00

Simple Gifts – Christmas $14.00

Since we are getting in Halloween designs
we couldn’t pass up this one!

Halloween Resurrection pattern $12.00

Mill Hill kit Painted Pumpkins $14.00

Now lets throw in a little Christmas

Pattern cost is $10.00

By With Thy Needle and Thread

Shepherd’s Sampler $12.00

Mill Hill kit Egg Hunt $14.00

Up next is

Patriotic Welcome $6.00

And a couple of small cuties

Friendship $4.50

Bee Thankful $4.50

Pattern cost is $15.50
Bead pack is only $7.00

We will be ordering her on
Monday April 20
If you would like one set aside for you
just let us know and we will give you a call as soon as they arrive.