Monthly Archives: December 2014

We just recieved a 
Tra La La
It was time to order 
Spring designs
Look how cute these are!
 Chasse a l’oeuf
Carre de Printemps
And for us stitchers…
Duo Couture
Coeur de brodeuse
Each pattern cost is $18.00
Have you ever gone to the grocery store and come home with tomato sauce only to discover that you already have 4 cans on the shelf?
Well… apparently we did this more than once with this book…
By Blackbird Designs
To help us keep our inventory under control
we are selling these copies
at a great price
 that is 1/2 price!!
We have quite a few in stock, but Blackbird sells like crazy so hurry in for yours!
Remember my inspiration?
Look how cute Prairie Schooler looks stitched in bright colors!
I love the color turquoise added to the mix.

This is the whole grouping on my shelves

I am sooo crazy about these!
I wanted to share with you my newest obsession…
perforated paper and adding dimension to your picture.

Each picture has dimension…

I love my new pieces!
We want to help spread the word…
100’s of hours of work has been stolen from
Pine Needles Quilt Shop
Their post reads:

The most unthinkable thing has happened in our shop, a quilt has been stolen! This hand embroidered quilt was taken from our store on Thursday, December 4th. I am sick to my stomach thinking about the time and money put into this by the designer. PLEASE PLEASE keep your eye out for it and help us recover this quilt!!

We are keeping our fingers crossed for a recovery!