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A great light source is the
Hammer Head LED Light
It produces a bright white light using 6 energy efficient bulbs, two brightness levels and lasts 100,000 hours!  The lens spreads light evenly with a flexible gooseneck and a clip base that opens wide enough for scroll bars, stretcher bars and Q-snaps. 
The light comes complete with 3 AAA batteries.
Light cost is $19.99

If you would rather plug in your light….

We have an AC adapter available.  A lightweight micro sized adapter with an extra long 9′ cord.
Adapter cost is $12.99
Faery Tales
 by James C Christensen
graphed by Heaven and Earth Designs
pattern cost is $19.00
stitch count 575 x 453
Brenda brought in her daughters work in progress to give us a sneak peak.
Can you believe this!
The gridded portion is done in pencil to help her keep track. 
This gridded section is one full page of graph!
Is this Jack and  the Bean stock? 
I must admit my kids are getting so old I have forgotten my fairy tales…
She stitched this over one on 25 count using one strand of cotton floss.
This design is ideally stitched over one on 25 count fabric for best results.
Just a little hint – Heaven and Earth designs look the best stitched on the smallest stitch count.  You can not stitch them on anything larger than 18 stitches to the inch or you will loose all of the details!

My Family Tree
by Willow Hill Samplings
pattern cost is $16.00
Each time this is stitched it turns out unique.
But Don decided to take on the challenge for a dear friend with a LARGE family.
-of course Don would-
Take a look at the Killian family
10 children!

 He changed and customized the colors on each outfit.
  The entire project is stitched in silk
and dates back to 1818.
Good job Don!