Monthly Archives: April 2013

I wanted to give you a look inside this new book.
This is a good time to start if you want to finish something wonderful for the Christmas season.
The cost of the book is $15.99
and it includes all of these designs:

A new design from
Little House Needleworks
Each of our homes should have one of these on the wall don’t you think?
The pattern comes with 7 skeins of Crescent Colours threads
and you provide the fabric.
The cost for threads and pattern is $26.00
We are going through the book racks….
Guess what that means!
We have a basket FULL of sale books.
I wanted to tell you about something we added to the basket today.
Nostalgic Needle – Sampler Name Tag
This patterns is regularly $8.00 and is on sale for $4.00
Nostalgic Needle – Sampler Name Pin
Sorry I couldn’t find a larger picture..
This pattern is regularly $6.00 and is on sale for $3.00
Each would make a great guild name tag and each incorporates some wonderful stitches.
Some things that I have always wanted to stitch but never found the time has now expired its stay in our book rack.  I hate to see these go….but I really don’t think that I have it in me right now to undertake this project.
The Pinks are in Bloom
Basket Band
by Keepsake Stitches
Sweet William Smalls
By Keepsake Stitches
This pattern includes instructions for a scissor case, pin cushion box, button box and a thimble box.
Each pattern has a regular price of $14.00 but the sale price is $7.00 each
only 1 of each in stock!
And the last in a basket of MANY that I will show you is
English Tapestry Sewing Box
by Rosewood Manor
This pattern gives instruction to stitch and assemble a beautiful sewing box made entirely out of linen and lining.
The book is regularly $13.00 on sale for $6.50.
It is stitched over one on 32 count hand dyed Belfast in the color “Herald”
This is also in stock… cost is $13.99