Monthly Archives: August 2012

Watch for these little Gnomes when you are visiting Millcreek Gardens. Joy and I were asked to paint them anyway that we wanted. We could have gone really crazy, but chose to use the garden theme when painting them. Now you will find them peeking out among the flowers in the garden center to add a bit of Wimsey…

Once the kids go to school we change things up a bit, or am I just hoping for cooler weather? Either way – I love putting out the fall decorations!
The fireplace looks awesome decorated with the vintage medicine bottles.
Because of the sun my pictures are a little fuzzy, but you get the idea….
I love the colors of fall.
We have some fun owl bracelets this year,
and more of the popular spider earrings!

It has been done for quite a while, and now it is officially framed and on display…. Past and Present by Rosewood Manor. We changed the background color to summer khaki 32 count, but still used the DMC floss that the designer chose. Be sure to check her web site for a couple of minor corrections to her graph before you stitch this piece. It was very fun to do with it’s color changes and different stitches.