Monthly Archives: December 2011

We have been so busy that even our Lizzie Kate fat men hasn’t been framed yet. We have it wrapped on foam core and on display. When we got in the frame for Silent Night we knew we had to have a model. This frame is beautiful! Betsy of course added more bling to the stitchery with beads and metallic. She makes everything even better…..Isn’t it gorgeous? One of the hits of open house was our Hares Christmas by Plum Street. We painted the frame ourselves and aged it with tinted wax. I also antiqued the fabric before I started stitching. It is stitched on 36 count, but can be stitched on any count.

The winter wall is great, and the old ice skates that I have add just the right touch…

Our annual Christmas Open House was soooo much fun! We had a line at the door and we drew straws to see who would be the one to unlock and let them in…. We love seeing everyone that day, and watching everyone with list in hand fill their baskets. Thank you for your business through the years and sharing your friendship with us. We really appreciate each of you….

I didn’t take one picture at the party. I can’t believe it! But I will share some snapshots of some of the new items we have. This is a very vintage banner stitched on perforated paper. The kit comes with everything but thread, even the paper banner is assembled and ready to have the stitchery mounted to it. The blocks were a hit again this year. We had 5 new designs. The snowman blocks have a wooden snowman that goes on the front. These kits come with everything but the thread, and can be finished in a couple of nights of stitching. Every young girl needs a sewing box, and we brought these in because we thought the prints were so much fun. They are filled with goodies and have room to add more in the layer beneath. Be sure to come in even if you missed open house. This is the time for last minute gifts, or gift certificates…..
Lynn has been kind enough to take some beautiful pictures of her latest finished project. This is a box from the book A Schoolgirls’s Work by Blackbird designs. The design is called Polly’s Sewing Box. Lynn changed the threads to silk, but she used the same fabrics and paint colors as shown in the book. The tiny box is actually topped with a photo of the stitchery that is stitched in the big box. It is reduced in size and really does look like a tiny little stitchery. If you haven’t taken a look through this book, you really should. Blackbird books are always full of wonderful designs and ideas.