Monthly Archives: September 2011

What did my family do for Labor Day? We labored!!!
While the guys were outside trimming bushes and pruning tree and doing all of the hard dirty work (thank heavens for my men) I was inside making the store look pretty. Maybe that is not the right description to use when you are decorating for Halloween..

We have a fun new gift line this year. We have cool amber medicine bottles…and small glass bottles with glass stoppers and labels that look like they came right from the 1800’s.

We have flickering candles that look like they are really wax. The new Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue is also in stock…

We have hanging skeletons in two different sizes with black glitter bones.

I think that our Halloween displays are some of our customers favorites.

But my favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving. So I always make a pretty display for that holiday….

Be sure to come in and see the displays, before I have to start over for Christmas……

My latest finish is Albero dei Dubbi…in of course my favorite color of the moment – turquoise.

I changed the colors from the pattern and it has sparked every ones imagination. Right now there are at least 10 customers who are working on this in color combinations that are each their own. Good job guys!

This is the framed piece on the wall. I wish that I could make the air conditioner controller more decorative…it is so hard to work around…