Monthly Archives: July 2011

Can you believe it! Wendy stitched this incredible flag over a one year span. Of course she has finished many others in between. But this one was her travel projects. Wendy loves to travel and on each adventure she would pack up her flag and go. This flag has been to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Fort Lauderdale and Anaheim California. She is also a BIG University of Utah fan, so of course the U on Utah had to be red! We love it Wendy!
We have had a lot of fun with the Blackbird design book Stitchers Journey. Lynn stitched the pieces for this box and I put together the finishing supplies. Carolyn stitched the needlebook and I just love the purples so much I played them up with the finishing supplies. I can’t wait to get these together. I will show you as soon as they are finished. I will also put together the finishing supplies that we used in a finishing kit. So that you can finish yours just like ours….

I love to stitch Mirabilia designs. This one intrigued me. I thought she was beautiful, but I chose to leave off her wings. I have stitched many of the fairies with wings, But I just wanted her to be a beautiful woman. The bead work was fun to do thanks to my tacky bob. If you don’t know what this is and you bead at all, you just have to try one. It makes keeping track of your beads so much easier! She is also stitched with a lot of filament. You use the new super shiny Krienik filaments. So fun to stitch. I think she turned out beautifully.
Our cabinet is FULL… The girls have been in and restocked.Each piece came in carefully wrapped in a cute basket like Dorothy carried Toto in. This one is so unique. And this one is itty bitty….Don’t they have fun stuff! I don’t know how they can do these for the prices that they charge. Some of my favorites are only $5.00!!! Every time I look in the cabinet I see something that I missed last time. I bet there is 50 in stock right now. Come in now for the best choices, you know how the cabinet empties out…