Monthly Archives: September 2010

Lynn has been busy with boxes also. These tops are from the Blackbird book “Joyeux Noel”. The top box is a copy of the stitchery that Lynn stitched and framed. Carolyn did the sponge painting. The bottom box is painted and waxed. The best part about this box is the lining. It is a love letter that Lynn’s husband wrote her. So touching!

I have a new passion…it is boxes. I think I like the insides as much as the outside. I had to show you the detailing that I enjoy doing. The more the better…. I like glitter embossed papers, velvet trim, ribbon flowers and any other embellishment I can put on them. These stitchery designs are more from the Blackbird book “Honeysuckle Manor” and I get my papers at a wonderful paper store called “Paper Creations”.
This just came in for framing, and we had to share it with you. It is a Blackbird design “A Wish For You” but Sharon got creative with it. She made a few slight changes to personalize it for her grandchild. This is my kind of birth sampler. I may have to start over with my children’s. Great job Sharon!
We have finished and framed our “Green” series by Lizzie Kate. We absolutely love this stitched up. I think the framing looks very organic and simple, perfect for the piece. The patterns come individual, but if you stitch them together you get this….we supply the pattern for the border. Lizzie Kate does it again!
Isn’t this gorgeous! This is over 1 on 28 count. Our wonderful LouAnn stitched this and we have it in for framing. I think she stitched it up in her sleep. I can’t believe how fast she got through this, and her work is beautiful. The pattern is from France, and I think it will be our best selling design this holiday season! I am working on one in 3799 on a pale grey 30 count. I decorate with mercury glass during the holidays, so this should fit in my house perfectly. I would love to post pictures of each of your combinations. Just e-mail me an attachment, and I will share it. We really enjoy seeing the creative things people do.