Monthly Archives: April 2010

I love playing with paper and prints as much as I love cross stitch. As I was working on a project I marked my place in my pattern with a binder clip. Of course I couldn’t resist making them look cute! So I made a few for the store. We have some fun patterns to choose from.

The weather was so beautiful last weekend that I couldn’t resist working with flowers, in my yard and in my craft room. Aren’t these pens beautiful. Use these for inspiration to make your own or you can purchase them at the shop.

Wendy has finished this masterpiece! We are framing it and we will soon have it on display. We have the pattern and all supplies at the shop. Her bead work is beautiful!
We wanted to keep in touch with you whenever something comes to mind…someone has something wonderful to show off…or heaven forbid…someone famous comes in to shop!

This is so new to me. I don’t even take time to write letters to relatives, much less keep up a blog. But for you I will do this…

My favorite blogs are not wordy, with a lot of inspirational pictures and a little humor.

Please don’t fault me for my spelling or lack of grammar skills.
These will most likely be posted at night, when it is quiet. and I will be typing faster than my brain can compute.

Lets give this a try and see how it goes….